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Long Ashton Together are delighted to bring you the Tipple Tree Stop!

Thank you so much to Norman Gover for creating and putting up the sign for us. It is designed to match standard bus signs, however the font that has been used instead represents the Tipple’s famous signage.

Thank you also to Long Ashton Parish Council for paying for the sign and giving permission for us to erect it.

The naming of the bus stop was intended as a tribute to David and Yvonne Gover who owned and ran The Little Tipple for so many years and were very familiar and well loved faces in the village.

With their sad recent passing this tribute is now even more poignant and we hope you will join us in thanking Norman and his family for their wonderful contribution to our community over the years.

RIP David and Yvonne Gover

Bus sign 22 May 22.jpg
Tipple Tree Stop
May 2023

Long Ashton Together is a voluntary organisation driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the village a better place for all.

Everything we do is driven by the community.

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