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Business Listing Request

LA Together is a non-profit community organisation based in Long Ashton.  We are run by volunteers for the community of Long Ashton and our mission is to improve services and facilities within the village with the support and help of community volunteers.  Through our website we aim to provide a comprehensive listing of local businesses for our residents.

For businesses based in Long Ashton there Is no charge for a listing on our website.  For businesses based outside the village we charge a fee of £12 per annum.  Proceeds from listing fees will be used to pay for our website and any surplus will go into our community fund.  We'll contact you on receipt of your listing request with details of how to pay this fee and payment will be required before the listing is published.

If you would like your business to be listed on our website, please request a listing using the form linked below.  By submitting the form you will be consenting to our storage of the data submitted, which we will only use for the purposes of maintaining our website and keeping in touch with you about your listing.

If you are asking us to list a personal email or phone number we will contact you to request a signed authorisation to publish this information before the listing is published.  For all listings we will email a link to the published information.  If you want any changes made, just respond to the email.

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