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We're pleased to host the Long Ashton Nature Group on our website.  This section of the website will provide information about the group and provide links to trails and other resources that they have developed.  Long Ashton Nature Group was formed and is run by Sarah-Jane Cobley.  You can contact Sarah-Jane using the form at the bottom of this page or through Facebook.

Long Ashton Nature connects like-minded local folk who like to share the joy of the wildlife and green spaces that we are blessed to have on our doorsteps. This is an invitation to become involved in any way that works for you, including creating and enjoying nature trails, blogging about how you connect to nature in LA, and in the future, outdoor events. Feel free to join the 'Long Ashton Nature' group on Facebook and any offers for inclusive, nature-based activities are welcomed.  


Our first offering is the 'Winter Tree Trail' free for all ages to enjoy! The idea is to get to know our local trees. So far during December we have created the first 'Street Fox' trail from Birdwell to Northleaze. 10 foxes were drawn or painted onto 10 wooden discs and hidden in 10 different trees along the cycle path. The tree name is written on the other side of the disc and so creates a tree label from which to learn to identify our local trees. There were also a few extra discs hung with just the tree name on one side. These can be taken home by anyone who wishes to draw a fox it on and return it back to the tree, (remember to use waterproof pens/paints/varnish). The first fox is hanging in a lime tree close to the pedestrian entrance of Birdwell and the last is an elder hanging over the fence of Northleaze. You can download a pdf ID sheet here or have a go at spotting them without! The ID sheet is more suited to adults, perhaps some-one would like to create a child-friendly version with pictures?! 

We are pleased to say that we're nearly ready to create the second 'Street Fox' trail which will be in the Pear Tree estate. This will be 20 trees which can all be seen from the pavements and so is suitable for all. This time we hope to involve more people in the creation of the trail. We invite you to collect a ready made fox label and ID sheet and hang it in the tree identified on the print-out, which includes clear photographs of the tree as well as a description of where to find it. A bit like a treasure hunt! Once all 20 foxes are hung, anyone can follow the trail and the ID sheet is available to download or print from our 'Long Ashton Nature' Fb group and the 'Long Ashton Together' webpage here.  


We also have plans for more off-road trails, such as in Peel Park, Dawson's walk, parts of the LA Circular, and some woodland trails. These will be differentiated by the names, 'Squirrel Circuit', (for Level 2 trails, which may require wellies or walking boots), and 'Woodland Owls', (for Level 3 trails, which are longer and more challenging). Please do get in touch if you would like to be involved in the creation of any of these


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