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LA ACTIVE links you up to local groups, clubs and businesses that offer opportunities for physical exercise for all age groups.  Here's a list of of organisations that we know of so far.  We'll add more information as and when we get it.

Fit2Drop - Local Pilates classes, classes currently available online.  Website linked here.

Long Ashton FC - If you're over 16 and have your own boots, get involved.  Facebook group page linked here or email

Long Ashton Running Group - meet up on Wednesdays at 7.30pm outside the Little Tipple.  Facebook group page linked here 

Real Good Fitness - outdoor fitness classes aimed at helping you understand the way your body was designed to move.  Website linked here.  Classes currently available online.

Wild Country Runners - women's running group Monday evenings at 7.30pm from outside the Little Tipple.  Website linked here.

Wild Country Woman - Fresh air fitness classes for women of all ages and fitness.  Website linked here.  Classes currently available on Zoom.

Yogisie - Yoga classes normally held at Long Ashton Community Centre on a Thursday.  Classes currently available online.  Website linked here.

Saint Martial Arts - Brentry & Long Ashton Taekwon - Do - Bristol Martial Arts and Self-Defence. Facebook group page linked here 

Sports Life Interactive - is a tennis coaching business for all children and adults.  Facebook group page linked here 

Embodied Health Yoga teacher, massage therapist, reflexologist and reiki practitioner/teacher.

BWPT Bristol Wellness Personal Training
The Tango Room UK 
Traditional Argentinian Tango

Mark Wilkins running and fitness mentor

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