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Long Ashton StreetLink

Did you know Long Ashton has a village WhatsApp group?

Don't worry, this doesn't mean there are 6,000 people all on one group, chatting away. Let us explain.

During the pandemic, lots of streets started their own WhatsApp groups to communicate with and support their neighbours.

Long Ashton Together has expanded on this and encouraged one representative from each street to join our 'StreetLink' whatsapp group.


Messages from LA Together are relayed from StreetLink to the representatives, who in turn can decide whether the messages are appropriate to their street, and if so, share them.

This is a very easy and fast way to share important information across the village in an emergency, or just to let people know of anything interesting going on that they may have otherwise missed.

You will never get inundated with messages as LA Together do not send messages just for the sake of it, and again, your street rep will only share with you if they think relevant. For example, if you live in Rayens Cross Road and the message that comes through is "please be vigilant on Chestnut Road" you most likely won't see it.

If you are not already on your street's WhatsApp group and would like to be, feel free to email us and we will endeavour to find your representative for you.

If you are on your street's WhatsApp group but don't believe your group has a representative on StreetLink, please contact us to put yourself forward, or ask someone else on the group to do so, by emailing

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